The Stories for All Project

There are so many complaints about children who do not read that it is easy to forget most children do not have access to books to read. This is especially true of those students who are minorities, immigrants, or the poor. The Stories for All Project attempts to solve this problem by purchasing $500,000 worth of books featuring voices that are rarely represented in children’s literature: minorities, characters of color, and others. To get more information visit the Stories for All Project.



Wecome to the new Cull Books LLC website!

helloagianWelcome to the new, redesigned Cull Books website! Over the past several months we have worked with small focus groups, with customer satisfaction and usability in mind, in order to bring you these new website updates. Our websites now present an easier way to browse content and find helpful information. The new platform is more media friendly, with opportunities to stream videos, photo slideshows, and of course, have a blog! We have also made it simple to contact Cull Books directly and sign up for a newsletter and set up a Kids Corner. So get ready, in the coming months, we’ll be adding more books, videos, photos, and other material as well as making more tweaks and changes over the coming weeks.

Miss Cleo