Meet Miss Cleo

Miss Cleo is the owner of Cull Books

Many people ask, “what does Cull Books mean?” When Cleo Duke-Wright was looking for a name for her bookstore, she wanted a special name. A name that described how she felt, about books and knowledge, and Cull was perfect. Cull means to gather and select for the purpose of storing. I sell books that you will gather and select for yourself, your children and your grandchildren to keep and store from one generation to another. Our stories, our contributions, our sacrifices, our history will never be out of sight, or hidden from us ever again. We have the same gifts and greatness as our fore-parents. Cull Books will keep this knowledge up front and available for all to read, learn and enjoy. Cull Books is the place to go when you just can’t find it.

Cull Books want to share the greatness of the past, and the unbelievable creativity, and greatness of the present day contributions of Black people of this country and the Black diaspera. If it’s hidden in a corner or not shown at all, but to a few, you would think it did not exist. Believe, we are children of our fore-parents, and their gifts and greatness are our gifts.

We at Cull Books have the same message for the Asian American, Native American, and the Latino Americans, and any other cultural group who find themselves hidden in the corners of American literature, at Cull Books you’ll be upfront and available.