Storytelling Services

First, There Was the Spoken Word. 

Storytelling, The Oldest Form of Communicating 

In The World.

Miss Cleo

Flowers, Balloons, and a box of Chocolate

Who doesn’t love to get a bouquet of flowers or balloons

or even a box of chocolates?

They brighten the room, and lift the spirit.

Flowers die, balloons break, the chocolates are eaten, and the box thrown away.

You can send a story that brightens the day and lifts the spirit,

just like you send flowers, balloons, and a box of chocolates.

Miss Cleo will visit and tell a story or stories to your special someone. She always has a story in her head and a book in her pocket. Her stories will travel wherever needed or desired. Stories don’t die, don’t break, and don’t get eaten or thrown away. They are stories that last a lifetime. Call Miss Cleo to tell special stories to your special someone.

For more information call; 860-899-1504 or 860-690-1711 (cell-phone)

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